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Nonton Gagee

Apr. 26, 2018
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Gagee. It’s because of different ages. The ruler of Varanasi is much older than Khaki. Because time and again, without wisdom, will take the girlfriend climb up to heaven. When old people do not wish to be true. The blood and muscles of every part of the Khaki dance when he met the Kuan or guru, who is close to him. But do not touch the tip of the nail, because it is too close to him too. Because of that, the devil or Garuda, who is unrivaled power, is the insert that fell in love with Khaki, happy with the immediate presence of her face. In the aftermath of the cry, the Viennese decided to bury Khakri up to the delightful place on Vimarn Chimphe, a faraway land in the jungle of Khao Lak Khao Yai. The Sena’s roommate shook her head to find Khaki back to return to the United Kingdom to do so. Khao Khet I do not know what happened, but Kuwait is suspicious in the beautiful young man named this democracy, the body transforms into the body of the island, Garuda to answer all the concerns on the city of Chimphu Phra Nang Phakhi, urged Krua to escape from Viman. For reasons that do not want to fall into the hands of half human beings, promises will bring Khaki back to human life and will not talk about what she is eating. Love Garuda, who knows, even with a caveat that she will have to lay hands and also Khaki returned to the city of mankind. It’s backfired because of the fact that she did not leave the city like her. But then he was sad to go to the tombs and raise the king to Kuwait. Two years later, Kuwari was reported that Khaki became a wife Thawatchai. With passion and love, there is still a fire at the end of the war, Kuree must fight with Thao Tawatchai to scare the queen to return to the king. The last line of this writing is written.

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